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  • E Mungai, Edwin Henry Mutura (St. Paul's University, 2016)
    Agency banking is a recent phenomenon that allows customers to conduct banking transactions with a mobile phone or point of sale. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of adoption of agency banking ...
  • Njeru, Kim Jackson (St. Paul's University, 206)
    Mobile technology innovations have given individuals and businesses a borderless outreach, the technology has sparked the growth of entirely new industries and revolutionized business processes as well as societal ...
  • Nyanchoga, Winfred E. (St. Paul's University, 2016-08)
    The early typical gender roles of marriage placed the husband as breadwinner and protector while the wife was a homemaker and mother. In the 20th and 21st century, studies have revealed significant changes in gender roles ...
  • Mio, Abdullahi Wario (St. Paul's University, 2017)
    The study sought to investigate the role of the community in ending FGM among the Boran community in Merti sub-county, Isiolo County. The study also took to identify the cause and effect of female genital mutilation ...
  • : 
    Ruto, Dancan Kipkemoi (St. Paul's University, 2017-09)
    It is universally accepted that electrification enhances quality of life at the household level and stimulates economy at a broader level. The immediate benefit of electrification comes in the form of improved livelihoods ...

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